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Below you will find lots of adoption related poetry to inspire you!

Not all of the poems are written by birthmoms. It states underneath the title of the poem the author’s name and relationship to adoption if they are not a birthmom.

If you have any poetry you would like to share, please email BirthMom Buds.

Altered Dreams
by Coley Strickland

As the Sun Sets
by Christine R.

Because I Love You
by Shelley I.

Birthday Pain
by Krissy Mitchell

by Leslie Gallimore

The Circle of Life
by Jenn M.

The Colors of the Season
by faxless bad credit payday loan Alicia Moser

In the Mall
by Jenn M.

Love you Baby Boy
by Melody McCaid

My Special Lady
by Mary Shaw

by Destiny Kroeber

The Circle of Life
by Jenn M.

The Colors of the Season
by Alicia Moser

The Road I Traveled
by Alicia Moser and Coley Strickland

Team Work
by Jenn M

Tiny Footprints
by Jenn M.

by Coley Strickland

We are working on transferring the rest of the poems to our new site and they will be back soon. Please bear with us!