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As the Sun Sets

by Christine R

As the sun sets I discover you,
That you will have several months to grow inside of me
To nourish and to one day give you life
Oh what am I to do.
As the sun sets I discover them,
That they will have several months to prepare for you
To fulfill your needs of love and comfort
Oh what will I do.
As the sun sets I deliver you,
That you given you your first breathe of air
To be welcomed into the world with open arms
Oh what can I do.
As the sunset sets I send you home,
That you will forever be in my heart just not my arms
To be loved by another heart I chose
Oh what did I do.

As the sunsets I think of you,
That you are loved by so many people
To never regret the things I have done for you
Now I know what I did.

I gave you unconditional love from me and your mom.