BirthMom Buds is a website and organization created by two birthmoms that provides peer counseling, support, encouragement, and friendship to pregnant women considering adoption as well as women who have already placed children for adoption.

Our Vision
BirthMom Buds will provide support through our website, toll-free number, mentors and other avenues to birthmothers and pregnant women who are considering adoption, as well as educate others about adoption as an option and the heart of a birthmom through our publications.

Our Mission
BirthMom Buds provides support to birthmoms to help rebuild their emotional and spiritual health, empowering them to mentor women who are pregnant and considering adoption as well as educate others about adoption.


  • BirthMom Buds has members from all walks of life, ages, and races and with all types of adoptions.
  • Our members’ children range in ages from newborns to adults in their fifties.
  • BirthMom Buds has members from all over the United States, as well as Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and England.
  • BirthMom Buds has many different programs for birthmoms and pregnant women considering adoption, including a mentoring program, care package program, monthly newsletter, Secret Santa program at Christmas, an annual Birthmother’s Retreat, and more!
  • BirthMom Buds has been featured in Adopting for Tomorrow Magazine, Adoptive Families Magazine, Adoption Today Magazine, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The LA Times, The Boston Globe, The Orlando Sentinel, All You Magazine,  A Personal Touch on Adoption book, Adoption E-Weekly Magazine, Focus on the Family, The Adoption Network, Adoption Blogs, and more!