Buddy System

This unique program allows birthmoms to be paired with another birthmom of similar interests, adoption types, and locations. The “buddies” can then communicate via email, phone calls, or however they are most comfortable.

Pregnant and Placing Program

The Pregnant and Placing Program is a separate mentoring program for those who are pregnant and considering adoption. We pair these women with birthmoms who are at peace with their decision for support from someone who has “been there, done that.” If you are a birthmother and are interested in becoming a mentor, please see this page for more information.

Toll Free Help Line

Our toll free line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If no one answers, birthmoms can leave a message and will be called back within 48 hours. Our number is 1-855-4mybbud (1-855-469-2283.)

Healing Hearts by Sending Hope

This program sends out care packages containing items such as a journal, picture frame, photo album, and a book on birthmom grief to new birthmoms who have recently placed a baby for adoption. This program is run solely on item donations.

Annual Birthmother’s Retreat

Each year BirthMom Buds hosts a retreat for birthmoms in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our retreat is an action packed weekend full of fun, fellowship, and healing.

Forums & Chat Room

On our website we have a private chat room and forum area only for birthmoms where they can share their thoughts and feelings in a secure environment. The forums and chat room are always open and we also have a hosted chat every Monday night at 10 PM Eastern.

Birthmom Showcase

Our Birthmom Showcase features the adoption stories of some of our members in their own words.

The BirthMom Buds Bulletin

Our newsletter gives subscribers information on how to cope as a birthmom, spotlights others involved in the adoption community, and inspires through poetry. It also gives readers an opportunity to stay informed about BirthMom Buds. All of the articles are written by birthmoms.

Hospital Experience Brochure and Hospital Action Plan

Co-founder Coley Strickland researched and wrote the brochure, “Defining Adoption Guidelines for the Medical Community,” which is aimed at showing medical professionals what adoption looks like from the point of view of a birthmom. The Hospital Action Plan is geared towards expectant mothers making adoption plans. It gives them a place to outline and write their wishes for their hospital experience.