Honoring Your Child and Yourself on Christmas

By Amanda S.


Christmas time is often very hard for us.  I know, personally, I have a really hard time doing things normal people do, such as opening presents, or being with family, without letting my mind wander to what I am missing with my daughter.  One of the struggles over the years is how to cope with that sense of loss.  So I decided to  make a list this year of ways to honor your child during Christmas.  And, also, something we often forget to do:  Honoring ourselves as mothers.  So here goes.

  • If you’re a scrapbook person, this would be the perfect time to create a Christmas themed scrapbook for your child.  Or, a scrapbook of meaningful quotes, lyrics and pictures of inspiration for yourself.
  • Make an ornament for your tree with pictures of your child, your child’s name, etc.
  • TREAT YOURSELF!  Go get that mani/pedi.  Buy yourself a Christmas present you want.  Go be with friends.  Do something good for yourself to take you out of your head-space for a little while.
  • Make a special Christmas themed journal, documenting all your thoughts, emotions and anything else pertinent to what you’re going through.  You can do this for your child, so they know they’re thought of, or for yourself as a way to vent what you’re going through.

Remember you are not alone. Christmas and other holidays are very hard for birthmoms so be kind to yourself!