You Might be a Birthmom If…..

by BirthMom Buds Forum Members

• You specify whether your pets are related by birth or adoption.
• You hesitate before answering when asked if you have any children or how many children you have.
• You check the mailbox everyday – even Sundays and holidays – just in case.
• You constantly scan crowds for people your child’s age.
• You hug your child for the first time when he is over thirty years old.
• You’re annoyed by how unrealistic media portrayals of adoption are.
• You live your life by the phrase “this is my new normal.”
• You buy flowers for yourself the Saturday before Mother’s Day.
• You just know you are going to scream the next time your hear someone say “I could NEVER do that cheryl cole pokies!”
• You buy a dozen different birthday cards so you can cut and paste the words to make one perfect card that says everything you’ve wanted to say for the past 31 birthdays you’ve missed.
• Your holiday postage expense equals your holiday present expense.
• You interrupt the conversations strangers at the next table were having when you hear them say, “she gave up her baby,” just so you can correct them.
• You are called Mommy but in a different language.
• You stand in the store for hours trying to figure out what to get a child you barely know for Christmas.
• You are in your fifties yet you are checking out guys in their thirties because they might be your son.