Birthmom Showcase

Each of the women listed below is choosing to share her adoption story with you. Perhaps you are a birthmom looking for stories similar to your own or maybe you are just looking for a glimpse into the heart of a birthmother; either way, enjoy these stories written in their own words.

Amanda’s Story
Amber’s Story
Amy’s Story
Ashley’s Story
Becky’s Story
Blair’s Story
Carrie’s Story
Colleen’s Story
Kelsey’s Story
Leah’s Story
Leigh’s Story
Lexi’s Story
Lydia’s Story
Melanie’s Story
Nancy’s Story
Tracy’s Story


Each story in our showcase is written by the birthmom featured on that page in her own words. Her story is her interpretation and view of adoption and the events regarding her personal situation. The views each birthmom shares are not necessarily the views of the staff or all the members of BirthMom Buds. It is also each birthmom’s responsibility to ask the key players in their story and their child’s adoptive parents for permission to post information or their child’s picture on their page.

All stories are the property of each individual birthmom and may not be copied in any way without permission.