Carrie’s Story

My name is Carrie. I’m 24 years old and I live in Newport News, Virginia. I like playing poker, spending time with my family, and talking to my daughter’s adoptive Mom.

Last year I made some rotten decisions and ended up leaving home because me and my mom had a disagreement about the guys I date. I look back now and I think why didn’t I listen to my mom but if I had I wouldn’t have the most beautiful birth-daughter.

Anyway I moved in with a so called friend and I started going out with her boyfriend’s twin brother. This was in June and we started getting real serious.  By this point, I was living off and on with other friends. I went to the ER because I wasn’t feeling good and they said “You are pregnant.” My heart sank, how could I take care of a baby when I can’t take care of my self!

A few months passed and I still didn’t have anywhere to go so I went to a group home. Me and Kenny were still dating and he promised we were going to get a place, but he lied so I went back and forth from living in shelters. In December, he deserted me. A cop found me later and called my Mom and told me to come home.  I found out later that she had a brain tumor and found that it was a huge mistake and they had the test mixed up but by this time we decided to put my baby up for adoption.  My Mom told her friend, Tracy, about me wanting to put the baby up for adoption. The next day Tracy went to lunch with one of her friends, Audra, who was from North Carolina. This is the day that my life would change. That was on a Thursday and that Saturday Tracy came over and told me about Audra. I wanted to meet her and about an hour later Tracy called my Mom and we met them at a restaurant.  |

We talked for an about an hour. After that we talked everyday. I would tell her about my doctor’s appointments and everything. Something I forgot to mention is that she had three other kids (a 3 month old, a 2 year old, and a 4 year old). I know, you are probably thinking this woman is crazy. |

Around mid February, she and the kids came up here so she would be here in case the baby came early. About the 20th of February the doctor said they were going to induce on the 27th so the Friday before that Tuesday when I went to the hospital, the adoptive Dad came up here so that Saturday we went and ate lunch with Kenny. It was kinda awkward for me. It went ok. That was the first time I met Levi. He is so nice. That Monday, we went to the doctor they wanted to put a Foley in me, painful.

Well that Tuesday was the day that I’d been waiting for. I went to the hospital at 5 am, got induced, and the contractions started coming at 7 an. They didn’t really hurt. Kenny got there at about 8 am and he pissed me off because he went and got food and ate it right in front of me. We just kinda sat there and waited. I’m like I want something to kick the pain so they gave me Demerol. I was loopy and then passed out. About 2:00pm, they gave me the epidural.

The baby stayed at 3 centimeters all day long so about 6:30 pm that night they were like we want to do a c-section and get the baby out so they prepped me for the c-section and I wanted my mom in there. She likes that sorta stuff and the whole time I’m like is she here and at 7:24 pm we first saw her, Callie Sky.  (Sky after my mom.)

That night she spent with me and the next day Audra, Levi, and all their kids came up there to meet Callie. It was very emotional for me. I felt like someone stabbed me in the heart, but the day I signed the papers I felt so helpless. That Friday I was a mess, like someone was taking something from me.

But today I’m stronger. I get sad of course, but in the end, I know I did what was best for my little girl, Callie Sky.

I want to thank everyone for reading this!