Lydia’s Story

I am 25 years old, from Whiteville, North Carolina. I’m currently attending Coastal Carolina University planning to graduate in May 2008 with my degree in Business Administration. My daughter’s name is Lauren Alexis and her adoption is open. My hobbies are reading books, talking on the phone, playing on the computer, watching television, going to movies, renting movies, and my #1
favorite is SHOPPING.

About Lydia’s Adoption:

  • Birthdad is not in the picture and denied all rights to Lauren.
  • My family and friends supported my decision whole heartedly and with much love. I chose adoption with help from family.
  • I made the decision myself for the best interest of my daughter.
  • I went through Children’s Home Society of North Carolina. My social worker was absolutely wonderful and I love her very much.
  • I chose the adoptive parents very carefully through much prayer and consideration. I wanted the parents to be able to care, love and take care of my daughter well beyond the means that I could possibly give. When I saw their profile, I knew in my heart that they were the ones to raise Lauren.
  • I have I guess what you would call semi-open adoption because I only receive pictures and letters from the parents every few months. I don’t get visitations or phone calls. It is okay for the time being I guess.
  • I would not change my mind for adoption because I know that I chose the best option for my daughter.
  • After the adoption was complete, I had so many feelings to sort through within the next two years. I was very angry, very sad, but also happy and excited.
  • I have dealt with the feelings through prayer and a therapist. I am still and probably always will be dealing with these feelings for the rest of my life.
  • I have been in the adoption process for the past three years. Things are better now, but I still battle with up and down days often. You know wondering how she is doing, how smart she is, especially when will I be able to be reunited with her.