My Special Lady

by Mary Shaw, birthmom to George, open adoption
There is a special lady that comes to visit me,
She is always very happy to hold me tenderly.

We play games and read books…
Sometimes we even snuggle.

When she holds me in her arms she says,
“It’s you I love to cuddle.”

She tells me, “I love you” and gives me a kiss
And always says, “It’s you that I’ve missed!”

My hand fits inside hers and we have the same smile,
And she only stays and plays for a little while.

When it is time to say goodbye she hugs me oh so tight,
She always says “Goodbye Little Man” and gives me a kiss good night.

I don’t know why I love her so,
And why it’s hard to let her go.

One day I will understand her love,
Until then I pray that God protects her from above.