Someone is Always Missing

by Madison B.

My life is full;
Family, friends, work, laughter, a nice home,
Hobbies and activities to keep me busy.
Looking from the outside in,
You’d think I have everything.

But something is always missing.
Someone is always missing
A huge chunk of my heart.
Some people in my life know why,
Others aren’t close enough to be privy to that information.

Someone is always missing.
At every family gathering, there’s a quiet moment where I think to myself,
“He should be here.”
Add one more place setting to the Thanksgiving table,
And one more stocking to the mantle.
He should be here.
He should be celebrating with his family.
But he’s not.

But he is with his family.
The family I chose for him.
The family who he’s been with since day 3 of his life.
They have a seat for him at their Thanksgiving table,
His stocking is on their mantle.

No matter how many people fill my life,
No matter how busy I may be,
Someone will always be missing,
He’ll always be a part of my family.