The Colors of the Season

by Alicia Moser
Written Nov 8, 2003

There are colors of the season,
red and green,
but for me, a new one rings so true,
and that is the color blue.

I am blue because a piece of my heart
is so far away,
someone I have loved right from the start,
and do so even more, to this day.

The red and green are all around,
but in my mind,
there is not much peace to be found,
because of the daughter I had to leave behind.

I am blue because I can’t tell her how true
my love for her is,
and how much I miss her.
I can’t see the sparkle in her eyes as she opens her gifts,
and see the beautiful smile that would lift my spirits.
I can just see the sparkle and the gleam of the tears I cry,
hopefully, I can trust she is having a happy holiday,
but I don’t know, nor can I see, and that is why,
blue will be the color of the season for me.