The Road I Traveled

by Alicia Moser & Coley Strickland
(written to use for Birthmother’s Day 2009)

There was a time that sometimes does not feel like it was very long ago,
I was pregnant and had a big decision to make, this I know.
There were two roads in which I could have traveled along,
One road was popular and the other was less traveled and seemed hard and long.

But I knew this journey was not just about me,
And that part was not hard for me to see.
Each road had an upside and a downside,
And they both brought tears that I cried.

Deciding which road to take
Was probably the hardest decision I’ll ever have to make
But putting my child first and motherly love
Dictated which road would best provide for this blessing from above.

And so, I traveled down the less popular road and there were many times I felt alone
But I knew my child was in a stable home
I did not make this decision on whim,
I did what I thought was best for her or him.

Some think I should be telling this with a frown or with tears in my eyes,
And there are times in which I do cry,
But I do not regret that I traveled this way,
And I will tell that to anyone who will listen to what I have to say.